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       Dan & Mariana Watson

Dan Watson, Ph.D., LMBT NC #5233
Dan began his massage career in 1988 following his training at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, in Los Angeles, CA.  Over the years, Dan has focused his bodywork and massage training in the areas of pain relief and structural balancing utilizing trigger point and myofascial release therapies.  Together with his wife, Mariana, they have specialized in helping people receive pain relief by integrating these methods into their massage practice.  

While working on his doctorate in psychology during the 1990's, Dan became very interested in the research of health and healing and the practice of energy healing, especially a new modality of energy healing called LaHo-Chi.  He soon became a certified LaHo-Chi practitioner and a co-founding member of the  LaHo-Chi Institute.  By 1993, after two years of intensive study, research, and practice of this healing method, Dan became an instructor and co-director of the institute and spent the next 20 years teaching energy healing, vocal toning, and guided meditation across the US and in Europe.  He has a passion for helping individuals along their path of deep transformational work and facilitating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

For the past 30 years, Dan has supported individuals and groups in the vision and creation of worldwide spiritual community.  His mission has been to inspire creativity, open doorways of higher consciousness, and serve as a vehicle for greater health and healing.   Dan also created a 3-CD guided meditation series entitled “Live Your Chakras” to assist people on their inner healing journey. 

Mariana WatsonLMBT NC #12839
When Mariana came to Asheville in 1996, she instantly fell in love with the it’s fascinating alternative community and began networking for these cultural creatives in a variety of ways.  She was the editor and co-publisher of an alternative publication called the Asheville ReSource Newspaper / co-producer of several Alternative Health and Intentional Community EXPOs / an organizer for Community Network Gatherings / Director for the Chamber of Consciousness / co-director of ACN (Asheville Communites Network)  and  Co-founder/Director of two Asheville networking centers: ARC - the Asheville ReSource Center, and CUP - the Center of Unlimited Possibilities. 

When Dan and Mariana were married in 2010, she became certified in reflexology and the two of them began integrating massage, reflexology, and energy healing together. They soon discovered how much they enjoyed synchronizing their techniques and how much more effective they were when they worked together as a team.  That synergy inspired Mariana to get her massage license so she could partner with Dan in his massage business.  After attending several introductory classes at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork (NCSAB), Dan and Mariana were so impressed with the school that they both decided to enroll in the the advanced training for Structural Alignment and Neuromuscular Therapy.  Mariana was also dual-enrolled in the NC state-approved massage therapy program at NCSAB.  After completing both of these excellent programs, she obtained her massage license in 2013.

Another passion of Dan and Mariana’s is researching and promoting models of wholistic, healthy, and cooperative ways of living in community.  Mariana has been an avid supporter of the intentional communities movement since 1993, and has visited over 50 of these communities.  Dan & Mariana have had a special interest in one very inspiring intentional community in Italy, called Damanhur.  It's a community near and dear to their hearts.  For eight years, Dan co-led tours to this amazing and very successful Eco-Village.  If you'd like to know more about this community and the spectacular achievements this group of people have accomplished over the past 45 years, visit:

In a related area of training that Dan and Mariana have been involved in, and are facilitators of, is The Blueprint of We, a groundbreaking collaboration process used to build and sustain healthy businesses, communities, and personal relationships:


Mariana Watson
LMBT NC #12839; NC State Licensed in 2013
North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork
     Fairview, NC - 2012

Dan Watson
LMBT NC #5233; NC State Licensed in 2005
Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy,

     Greensboro, NC - 2004
California Graduate Institute, PhD., Psychology

     Los Angeles, CA - 1999
LaHo-Chi Institute of Spiritual Energy Healing
     Los Angeles, CA – 1991

Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing

     Los Angeles, CA -1988

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