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What to Expect


Welcome to Your Session!   When you first arrive for your massage, you will be welcomed into a spacious healing room with soothing music, the diffused fragrance of pure essential oil and the glow of ionizing Himalayan salt lamps illuminating the air.  You will also be surrounded by nature through the many windows in our treatment room.  While you relax with a warm bublle-jet foot soak, you will fill out an intake form to let us know your massage preferences, medical history, and any areas of pain or stiffness.  This will assist us in providing you with a massage customized just for you.

Goals & Techniques:  After we have reviewed your information, we will talk with you about your goals for the session and decide together what type of massage and/or bodywork would be best.  We typically incorporate a number of various styles and techniques and can choose whichever modalities are most appropriate for you that day.

Relaxation Massage:  If you’re not experiencing any pain or stiffness you may choose to enjoy a relaxation massage, with long, calming strokes to relax your body and soothe your soul.  

Deep Tissue Massage & Bodywork: (Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy):  The majority of our clients prefer a combination session of massage and bodywork.  As you may (or may not) know, every muscle in your body has thousands of muscle fibers. During this type of session, we will use a variety of techniques to alleviate as many of these taut muscles fibers as possible.  Some muscles will relax with just one session while others may take a series of sessions to totally release.  If you would like to enhance and support your muscle balancing and healing process, we will teach you how to use self-treatment to help you achieve pain relief at home between your massage sessions.

Feedback:  We welcome and encourage your feedback during the bodywork process, letting us know specifically which areas to work, how much pressure to use and the amount of time to spend in each area.  By allowing YOU to take total control of your session, you can completely relax, knowing that you will never be taken beyond your comfort level.  The information exchange during this session will increase your level of self-knowledge and awareness about your body's various muscles groups and how they effect your daily lifestyle.

Your Comfort Level:  Rest assured, whether you are totally or partially undressed, you will be carefully draped the entire session and only have draping removed from the areas being worked on.  It is often easiest for a therapist to work on a client's body without clothing restrictions, but this choice is up to you. Some people who are new to massage choose to leave on underwear or shorts and others are most comfortable without the restrictions of any clothing at all.  Your preference and level of comfort is of utmost importance Again … this is totally up to you. Once you disrobe to your level of comfort, you will make yourself comfortable on the table, beneath a sheet and blanket.  When you are ready for us to re-enter the room, you will have a remote control available to let us know when you are ready to begin your session.

Communication During Sessions:  Talking, is again … up to you! If you have questions, or would like to converse during your session, we are happy to engage with you!  We also respect the fact that some people do not want any distractions from their massage, so typically, we will not initiate conversation unless we are requesting necessary feedback.  Please feel free to give feedback as often as you would like to maintain a perfect level of pressure throughout your entire massage.  If at any time, a stretch or technique we are using goes beyond your comfort level, be sure to let us know!

Please feel absolutely comfortable, at any time, to make a request to:

  • spend more or less time on certain areas

  • change your position to:  face up, face down or lying on your side

  • adjust the face cradle

  • have extra pillow support, at your head, knees or ankles

  • use more or less pressure

  • adjust the temperature in the room or on the table

Completing Your Session:  Once your massage session is complete and we exit the room; feel free to take your time to do some gentle stretches before slowly getting up from the table. There will be a glass of 7-stage, Reverse Osmosis water available for you after the session.

If you have any questions or feedback about your session, please do not hesitate to call or email us.


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