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"I started getting massages in 2011. I have yet to go back to the same person twice. My husband and I got the couples massage and we absolutely loved it.  Afterwards, we both looked at each other and said “we’ve found our place finally.”  If you’re looking for the best massage around, a nice relaxing clean, and friendly place, The Massage Duo is your place.  We can’t wait to book our next appointment."
Kanika Fox

"Dan and Mariana Watson bring their considerable combined training and experience to the table to deliver a unique and luxurious therapeutic experience.  I was gifted a session with them by a friend who was intrigued by the idea of a four-handed massage.  At first I was a bit distracted trying to track whose hands were doing what, but I gave that up soon enough and surrendered to the duet.  These two are well attuned, so that even when working asynchronously--e.g. one doing trigger points on my neck/shoulders, the other, Swedish on my legs--their energies blend.  The quality of their individual and combined touch is informed by caring, intuitive knowing, and skill.  Which meant I could relax.  As an energy-sensitive former bodywork practitioner, quality of touch is my sine qua non.  Bonus #1:  Dan and Mariana work from their beautiful home in a wooded cul-de-sac.  Their beautifully appointed healing room is the most spacious I've ever seen, and their table has all the comforts--including double-thick upholstery on the face cradle  so that one's cheek or brow isn't pressing painfully into the wooden base.  I had a hard time peeling myself off that 20- square-foot piece of heaven at the end.  Bonus #2:  They take the time beforehand to interview their clients about health issues, touch preferences, expectations, and goals for the session.  Afterwards, they took additional time with me to talk about their evolution over the years as students of the healing arts.  Finally, some days later they followed up with a warm email of appreciation, making additional health-related suggestions and attaching several pages of illustrated trigger point work I could practice at home.  Wow.  Talk about going the extra mile.  So yes, I highly recommend The Massage Duo.  In fact, I'm gifting a session back to the friend who gifted me."
Alice C. 

"My experience at Massage Duo was the best massage experience I have had in a long time. I was having trouble with my left leg tightening up and had trouble with full mobility prior to my massage.  Their professional space is like going to a spa.  The room was very beautiful, very organized and super clean. Mariana and Dan were very thorough in my consultation concerning my problems I was having.  The massage was just excellent!  They asked me how much pressure I liked which was medium to heavy and felt the pressure was consistent and therapeutic throughout my experience. I had a 90 min massage and I highly recommend it.  After the session, they both went over information about preventative and therapeutic information relating to trigger points techniques which was awesome!  I never had experienced that much information in my past massage experiences.  After one day after my massage I could walk with 95% more mobility than before being treated.  I now am feeling back to myself again.  I will certainly be returning!  I highly recommend Massage Duo for a excellent massage experience!  Thank you Mariana and Dan!"
Anthony Mikolojeski

"Been here twice now.  Wonderful hours.  Both therapists work with you and any requests you have.  Very knowledgeable and educational.  Will definitely be back again.  First time had the 4 hand massage which was like a slice of heaven.  2nd time just the two hand since it was a couples massage.  Just as relaxing.  Did the 1 1/2 hour both times.  Worth it!  Hands down the best in town!  You'll have so much relief afterwards.  Recommend to anyone that has a sit down job and suffers from chronic pain."
Shanda Myers

"I wholeheartedly recommend a 4-hands full body massage by Dan and Mariana!  Refreshing, invigorating and soothing.  The setting is peaceful and mood-enhancing, they take time to discuss any health issues beforehand and provide excellent exercise/stretching tips and advice without being at all pushy.  In fact, they don't "market" any products, just their good selves, and they are extremely skilled at their profession.  I shall definitely be going back there!"
Edwin Gibson

"I am one that has been fortunate enough to have both Dan and Mariana both work on me at the same time.  'Wow' is the first thought that comes to mind.  At times I didn't know which hands were Mariana's and which ones were Dan's.  The feeling of bliss also describes my experience with their wonderful massage.  My thanks to both of you for being touched by your healing hands."
Serena Heart Dossenko - Musician  

"I have literally had hundreds of massages over the years, having appreciated the health benefits as a client AND as a practicing massage therapist back in Michigan.  The bodywork Mariana and Dan shared with me was the most amazing, beneficial, and memorable I have ever experienced.  Up until my first session with them, I THOUGHT no one could top the massage therapy I had enjoyed in Chicago, Montreal, or even Prague …  BUT THEY EXCEEDED MY HOPES AND EXPECTATIONS by leaps and bounds.  You owe it to yourself, your body and your mind ... Make an appointment with the Massage Duo right away!  You will be so glad you did."
Rita Wightman

"The atmosphere and care created an energy of trust and connection. The world disappeared as four hands took me to another place and I left in a blissful state of being. Thank you Dan and Mariana!"  
Zelle Nelson - Director, Center for Collaborative Awareness and 
Co-Creator, Blueprint of WE Collaboration Process 

"This is by far the best massage I've ever had!  They are incredibly talented.  Very relaxed atmosphere!"
Debbie R.

"These two know what they are doing!  Fabulous couples massage.  Could not be happier!  Thank you both for the excellent work.  Loved it!" 
Susan Kairys

"Amazing Environment ... peaceful, beautiful, relaxing & everything that I would expect from a massage, plus way more!!!" 
Elizabeth Skye Youngblood

"Wow!  What a unique & powerful experience!  I've had a lot of massages & this is the best massage I've ever had!"  
Shama Viola - Damanhur Ambassador 

"Dan and Mariana bring out the bliss in their four-handed massage.  I've never experienced anything like it, it's actually quite hard to describe. Whether they are on opposite ends of you or dialed in symmetrically, their harmonious techniques meet in the middle and put your being somewhere up above."
Dianne M. - Massage Therapist

"The 4-handed massage is an incredible experience.  The synergy between Dan and Mariana create a healing force even greater than either one by themselves.  What they do raises the bar on what a tremendous benefit massages can be." 
D. W. - Minister

"My massage was very thorough, allowing extra time on trouble spots without diminishing the whole body benefit.  Undoubtedly, my most comprehensive massage and a transformational experience." 
G.S. - Engineer

"Dan and Mariana are the best massage duo ever!  My massage was magnificent, relaxing and healing all at the same time.  I have several recreational hobbies (kung fu and ballet, to name a couple) that often leave my body feeling abused and in need of some TLC. Their massage was the answer.  I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to feel pampered, or simply for some relief.  In my case it was both."
Tiffany Garrison - Active Mother, Wife, and Worker Bee

"My 4-handed massage was the best ever!  More than two times the relaxation and benefits of a standard massage.  A duo is definitely better than a single." 
M.S. - Economist

"When Dan and Mariana worked on me I was transformed in many ways.  Their tender, caring touch and approach allowed me to feel safe and taken care of from the time I arrived until my departure and beyond.  The special relationship between them as they gracefully danced with my body was magical.  I can't wait to go back!"
Marianne Kilkenny - Consultant, Conference Planner, Group Facilitator, Educator, and Trailblazer

"The environment was very warm, soothing, and inviting.  The use of the warm water on the feet was a new experience as well as some of the moves that felt counterintuitive to me - but immediately confronted, in a gentle way, places where fear, anxiety, and pain where lurking beneath my conscious awareness. Gentle, but firm application of a wide range of techniques brought about a refreshed sense of well being from the session."  
Barry G. Dossenko - Visionary Futurist

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